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A Note to Our Visitors

I began my quilting experience as a young child at my Grandmother's home.  She was an amazing quilter, and  always had a quilt set up in her basement to work on.  She was extremely patient with me and my sisters, and would let us "quilt" with her.  I am sure that when we left, she secretly removed each uneven stitch that we had made.

Once I was married, my mother-in-law also shared her love for quiltmaking.  Each and every grandchild received a special, unique quilt made for them by Grandma.  I soon discovered that quilting was addictive...and I found myself spending any free time, which was very little with my five small children, working on quilts for them.

It did not take much time for me to realize that cute baby quilt patterns were difficult to find.  After a few years of looking for specific patterns, and some encouragement from my sweet husband, I began to develop patterns on my own.

I have been stopped many times in grocery stores, libraries, and parks with quilters wanting to look at the quilts my children were cuddling with.  I hope that by sharing my baby quilt patterns and table runners with you, you might have as much enjoyment making and giving these quilts to those you love as I have enjoyed.

My desire is to create fun, cute baby quilt patterns with embellishments that set them apart from other patterns.  My children have loved the floppy ears, buttons, and ribbons that are found on the quilts in this colllection, and I hope that you and your loved ones will enjoy them as well!

-- Kristin